Drip Rails

Plastic Profiles-Drip RailsA drip rail may be considered as an accessory by some, but it is an imperative part of boats and recreational vehicles. Any car, truck, RV or boat that is frequently exposed to the weather challenges would benefit from a drip rail. Boats are usually anchored at lakefront yards, ports and are also mostly parked outdoors and not in garages with sheds. The same applies to recreational vehicles, trucks and other large cars. If you are wondering if you should invest in one of Trimco’s drip rails, here are three reasons to consider before you decide.

  • Marine Gutter / RV Gutter To Let Water Drain Off

Drip rail is essentially a marine gutter or a RV gutter system. It functions like the rain gutters that you may have in your home. A drip rail is, thus, a fixture that allows all water to runoff and prevents accumulation of moisture at the windows, doors and surfaces of vehicles or boats. With other options, moisture is blocked out but retained on the surfaces. This doesn’t happen with a drip rail.

  • Prevention Against Dirty Streaking

Almost anyone who owns a boat or a recreational vehicle would have to deal with dirty streaks on the windows, exterior surfaces and doors. These dirty streaks develop due to unclean water runoff and due to moisture buildup. When you use a drip rail, you wouldn’t encounter the ugly streaks. Your boat can be docked for several nights, your recreational vehicle may be parked outdoors for weeks or you may be traveling cross country or sailing to a fishing paradise, your asset will be protected with a drip rail.

  • Trim Finish, Enhanced Cosmetic Appeal

A drip rail is a utilitarian fixture, but it also has a cosmetic appeal. A drip rail would provide a trim finish to the doors and windows and any other exterior nook and corner where you wish to install it. You can choose from various types of drip rail and that would certainly add to the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle or boat.

Choose among Trimco’s DR and WRT Series of Drip Rails.

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