Triangle Profile Rubber Seals

Triangle Profile Rubber Seals are another alternative for shock absorption, cushioning and, of course, sealing. They will keep water, wind, noise, dust and vibration out from any place where you install them. This Rubber Seal is ideal for 90-degree corners.

Trimco’s Rubber Seals are made of TPV, a high-performance material resistant to flex fatigue, chemicals and extreme temperatures. This is the perfect material to seal off doors, windows, cabinets, sunroofs, skylights, etc.

You can order our Triangle Profile Rubber Seals with a simple transfer tape adhesive or a 3M Heat Activated Tape System (recommended). This system does not require heat by end user. The heat is applied at the factory to attach the tape to the seal, granting a strong bond between them.

If the dimensions below are not what you need, remember that you can always order your custom part with us. Just contact us and let us know what you need!

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