Rubber Edge Trims

Rubber Edge Trims are highly flexible plastic trims with excellent threshold against wear and tear. Additionally, Rubber Edge Trims are ozone-resistant, water-resistant, and can stand a wide temperature range, from -20ºF to 150ºF (-28ºC to 65ºC).

Trimco’s Rubber Edge Trims are used on various thicknesses of sheet metal, plastic, fiberglass, cardboard, wood, etc., mainly in products with rounded corners and/or tight radius curves.

If a sharp edge is exposed, our Rubber Edge Trims will cover it and enhance the product’s look. They are decorative and protective parts. These trims are also a good option for electrical products and systems, such as control panels, electrical distribution equipment, power distribution units and transfer switches.

We offer Rubber Edge Trims made of different materials, with or without adhesive, and with a variety of gap widths. Check out which one suits your needs.

Dear Customers, please note that our online store has a minimum order value of $250, as it is directed to wholesale clients.

If you want to buy retail quantities of our products, contact us so we can refer you to one of our distributors.

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