Here at Trimco, we understand the value of protecting your products. From vehicles to boat docks and everything in between, our trims and seals protect from damage by both impact and weather to keep your products in tip-top shape. However, the allure of aesthetics does not escape us. We manufacture our products with the perfect combination of protection and aesthetics to make them functional and appealing.

Edge Trims

Let’s start with function: products like our edge guards, fender trims, lip guard trims, or drip rails protect all kinds of edges, sharp or blunt, thick or thin, straight or rounded. Our trims can fill in gaps and protect from wear and tear, they guarantee a constant, strong grip and protect against water, snow, wind, or dust. Our edge guards are perfect for protecting any application edges and are quick and easy to install. Our fender trims protect the paint, minimize gaps, and eliminate the risk of any debris between the fender flare and any vehicle’s body. Our rubber edge trims are even ozone- and water-resistant and can stand a wide temperature range, from -20ºF to 150ºF (-28ºC to 65ºC).

Lip guard trims act as a bumper, protecting your machinery and equipment. They can be installed in almost any unfinished edge and come in various sizes, shapes, and colors to make them more appealing. Last but not least, drip rails are both an accessory and a functional essential for boats and recreational vehicles. They act as a rain gutter to prevent moisture accumulation and dirty streaking on surfaces. They also add a cosmetic appeal by giving a trim finish anywhere you install them.

But we don’t stop there – our rubber edge trims are perfect for covering up an exposed or sharp edge to enhance the product’s look. Our fender trims provide an elegant, finished look, and our edge guards come in various sizes and colors for customizability.

Plastic Profiles

Our plastic profiles are no different – choose from our chrome trims or universal decorative trims, both receive protective and aesthetic benefits! Our chrome trims are proven to be both long-lasting and more durable in all types of interior and exterior applications than our competitors. The chrome mylar finish adds protection and durability, as well as improves the look of the chrome by imparting a deep, rich glow. The rest of our decorative trims also protect from scratches, dents, and dings, while enhancing the look of your application and making it stand out from others. They are versatile for many possible applications and are offered in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Rubber Seals

If you are more in the market for rubber seals, no need to fret – these are no exceptions to our perfect balance. Our variety of rubber seals are ideal for shock absorption, cushioning, and keeping out water, wind, noise, dust, and vibration. They are made of TPV, a high-performance material resistant to flex fatigue, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. Additionally, we provide the options of D-Profile, Triangle Profile, and Ribbed Profile seals with the opportunity for custom parts to perfectly fit any project and leave it with a pleasing, finished look.

Gone are the days of choosing between keeping your products durable and protected or pleasing to the eye. Trimco understands the value of both and applies that in our work. We hope to be a part of your next project.

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