Width: 7/8″
Colors available: black or white
Material: PVC

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The CM44 Series Decorative Trim is 7/8” (22.225mm) wide. This Decorative Trim can be used in vehicles, furniture and interior design projects. It comes with a 3M Acrylic Foam Tape for easy, quick installation.

The CM44 Series is made of PVC and is available in black or white.

Other colors are available on orders over 10,000 ft. Contact us for more information.

Applications include:
• Vehicle Fenders
• Spas and Hot Tubs
• Walls
• Furniture
• Unfinished Edges

Additional information


Black, Classic Silver, White


250' (76m), 26' (7.9m)

Installation Instructions

Do not stretch molding while installing.

1. Temperature of installation surface area and moldings must be at least 20°C (70°F).

2. Always cut moldings from the chrome side downward.

3. To cut, use anvil type shears (Ronan blade cutter is ideal).

4. Clean area thoroughly with a non-oily general purpose wax and grease remover – 3M general purpose cleaner followed by isopropyl alcohol is preferred.

5. Do not touch or contaminate adhesive once liner is removed.

6. Apply moldings on a flat surface only – not on a ridge.


1. Apply a masking tape guide line to the area molding will be applied. Do not apply masking to a freshly painted surface.

2. Clean area above masking tape guide using a general purpose cleaner followed by isopropyl alcohol. Use a clean lint free cloth.

3. Remove 8”-10” of adhesive protective liner at a time and apply molding using a rolling motion. Check molding clearance with all doors by opening each carefully. Once the molding is fixed to the car it should not be removed.

4. Using firm pressure (20-30lbs) rub molding in place with a molding roller (preferred) or a cloth to pressurize adhesive and ensure a maximum bond. Press hard with a blunt object on all ends to ensure permanent adhesion.

Do not expose to heat above 93°C (200°F). Trimco is not responsible for damage to painted surfaces caused by masking tape or molding application or removal.

Chrome moldings feature a permanent, clear PVC top coating that protects the bright finish from weathering. To ensure maximum molding life and to validate warranty, all cut ends must be sealed with a clear acrylic end sealer.

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