Plastic extrusion is a manufacturing process that involves melting down raw plastic to create uniform profiles. Trimco offers profiles such as chrome trims, decorative trims, drip rails, and lip guard trims to assist with your next project. Choosing plastic extrusion offers many benefits and can be used in many industries and products due to its versatility. Here’s why plastic extrusion could be the answer to your problem.

Cost Effective

Plastic extrusion can be much cheaper than replacing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. Large-name brands tend to unnecessarily raise prices on parts due to their custom nature; they often cannot be found elsewhere. However, plastic extrusion allows the replication of these parts at a more reasonable cost, making it the better solution for your next project.


Plastic extrusion lines allow for precise production to ensure your profile fits just right. Advanced controls and monitoring systems allow for tight tolerances, accurate dimensions, and improved product quality. Precision and lower cost make this process ideal for many projects, which is why it is used in many industries and products – we’ll get into some of them in the next section.


Custom plastic extrusion creates versatility and flexibility, making it perfect for many situations. Plastic extrusion can generate various complex shapes, sizes, and profiles, offering customization and design flexibility for your next project. This makes it great for many industries, including construction, automotive, furniture, and appliances. Plastic extrusion can be used in products such as pipes, tubing, wire insulation, thermoplastic coatings, sheeting and plastic films, deck railings, fencing, weather stripping, window and door frames, trim, gaskets, decorative moldings, and structural components.

Whatever your project is, plastic extrusion might be the answer, and Trimco wants to help. Using our seven extrusion lines with outputs of 125-300 lbs per hour, Trimco supplies industrial clients with quality plastic extrusion parts for various applications locally and internationally.

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